Don’t Let your Baltimore Basement Get Caught in the Rain! 5 Steps to a Dry Basement.

Don’t Let your Baltimore Basement Get Caught in the Rain! 5 Steps to a Dry Basement.

Flooded BasementWhen it rains it pours in Baltimore! Are you loosing sleep with the recent heavy rains, afraid you might wake up to a flooded or wet basement?

Here’s some handy tips from Mr. Basement, Baltimore’s  authority on basement and crawl space environments for a dry, worry free basement!

1- Correct drainage
Ensure roof water disperses properly.
Run discharge lines to storm sewer (code in many areas)
No negative grades (aka the ground shouldn’t slope towards your home!) 

2 – Seal any openings that may allow water intrusion
Window wells should be sealed and free of debris like leaves, trash and sticks
Door ‘trench’ floor drains should flow freely

3 – Mind the sump pump
Your sump pump should have the correct pumping capacity for your home.
It should be checked by our service department once per year – we service all brands of waterproofing pumps.
The sump pit should have a secure cover to keep out kids, their toys and pets

4 – Install a dependable battery back-up for the sump pump.
Keep in mind that ll brands are NOT equal.Our UltraSumps have a state of the art charging system + high pumping capacity

5 – Don’t waste money on consumer grade dehumidifiers
Energy grade dehumidifiers are not the most cost-effectice choice for your basement. 
Their energy efficiency is sub-standard, and running one to dry a basement can become very expensive.
Instead, consider the Basement Doctor’s SaniDry professional grade dehumidifier and air filtration miracle machine.
It removes 4 times more water than consumer grade dehumidifiers for a fraction of the cost.
It filters your home’s air and connects to your home’s HVAC system.
It’s like a dehumidifier on steroids!


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