Basement Wall Finishing in Maine – Do’s and Don’ts

Basements are like no other room in the house. Due to a number of factors every basement can, and most likely will at some point, develop moisture problems.

Basements get water from several sources.
  1. There are the visible leaks, which manifest themselves in the form of puddles, water stains, efflorescence.  These can usually be corrected with adequate foundation drainage.
  2. Also, because your basement wall and floors, which are usually made of porous concrete or stone, are in direct contact with the soil, there is ground water consistently infiltrating the concrete through capillary action.
  3. Differences in temperature between the basement and the outside air, can cause condensation.
And if the above sources weren’t enough, there are also water accidents such as sump pump failure, plumbing leaks.  Water from  running toilette, and overflowing bath tube, or a backed up drain upstairs can, and possibly will find its way into your basement and cause it go flood.  

When a conventionally finished basement floods, it is very hard to get materials such as drywall, wood studs and fiberglass insulation to dry quick enough to prevent mold growth. According to the U.S. Environmental protection Agency, that can happen in about 48 hours. And once mold develops, there is no 100% safe or effective way to remove it from these porous, organic materials.  They need to be removed and discarded.

When planning a basement remodel, only the right choices in finishing material will guarantee the success of the project and give you a basement your family will enjoy for many years to come.  The following video will guide you through the Do’s and Don’t of basement wall finishing.


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