The Highest Calling, by Larry Janesky Wins Two Prestigious Book Awards in 2010

Larry Janesky's award-winning book

Larry Janesky’s award-winning book

Larry Janesky, entrepreneur, owner and founder of Basement Systems Inc., as well as six other successful companies can now add “award-winning author” to roll of accomplishments.

Earlier this month, his book entitled The Highest Calling, was chosen by popular vote, as the Best Small Business Book in the 2010 Small Business Book Awards.

Running against many great books from prestigious authors, in several categories, the book also won first place in the Business Management Category.

Larrry credits much of this success to the massive support of all his readers, friends and the Basement Systems Network.

This week, a panel of industry experts, chose the novel as the Best Business Book in the 2010 New England Book Festival.

The Highest Calling, an inspirational novel about business and life; struggle and success is a work of fiction, yet also auto-biographic as well.

The book compiles much of Larry’s own experience and the kind of innovative, yet down-to-earth business wisdom, which allowed him to transform his small and mundane business into a multi-million dollar enterprise and a network of over 350 dealers in 6 countries.

The book tells the story of Troy Becker, a small home remodeling contractor struggling to juggle business, family, career and life, who has a life-changing encounter with a mysterious character named Cy.
Cy has a story of his own, and he is set to help Troy overcome his challenges, by offering him some of his experience and advice.

By following Cy and Troy’s story, the readers are invited to examine their own business and life choices, and to make significant changes by embracing a new way of thinking.

The Highest Calling is sold through its own website, in a full packages that includes the 250 page hard-cover edition, the 7 CDs audio book, narrated by the author himself, and a special bonus “blue book” diary, where readers are invited to  record their own thoughts, notes and plans.

A portion of the book sales proceeds are donated to homeless shelters and the United Way.

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