Radon Awareness Needed Year Round in Virginia : Basement Files

 January, is Radon Awareness Month but, as it comes to an end, it is very important to remember that the dangers of radon gas exposure still linger, as many homeowners are yet to have their homes tested. 

Radon is a naturally occurring gas, produced by the chemical break down of radioactive materials present in the soil. While virtually harmless outdoors, radon can reach higher and hazardous concentrations inside homes, where it emanates from the soil and infiltrates a home through its foundation. 

High concentrations of Radon are linked to lung cancer and are the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the world, second only to tobacco smoking.  According to the World Health Organization, radon causes 15 percent of the world’s lung cancer cases and kills 20,000 people each year.

Radon emissions are common all across the US, since uranium is present is most types of soil. Every home owner should have the home tested, but this is even more important in regions like Western and Central VA, where, according to the EPA radon concentrations in homes can reach above 4 pCi/L – the level in which a Radon Mitigation System becomes necessary. 

Radon and Real Estate

Radon problems are so serious they should not be disregarded in Real Estate transactions. By law, sellers in Virginia must disclose radon problems in a home if they have knowledge of it, and the EPA urges buyers to obtain a radon testing report prior to closing a deal.

Also, according to the  Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act (“VRPDA”), Real Estate Agents in Virginia must inform buyers and sellers about disclosure obligation and rights, and they can be held liable for failure to do so,  after the property is sold. 

If you live in Roanoke and surrounding areas, in Central VA, Evergreen Basement Systems is a certified home radon mitigation specialist servicing the area with radon testing and mitigation system installation. 

To help homeowners take control of their home radon problems, Evergreen is offering radon testing kits for half price until 2/18/2011 and $100 dollars off coupon on complete radon mitigation systems. Contact them for more information. 

If you live anywhere else in the U.S. contact National Radon Defense to locate a certified Radon Mitigation Specialist near you. 



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