3 Top Reasons to encapsulate your crawl space

1 – Saving energy, year round.

A vented, dirt-floored crawl space is a huge energy waster. According to Advanced Energy, an nonprofit agency focused on green energy technology and issues, energy losses through a vented crawl space are so significant that you might as well forget all other attempts to improve your home’s energy efficiency, until you have your crawl space fixed.

Proper crawl space insulation includes air sealing work that dramatically reduces energy-wasting air infiltration that is typically triggered or induced by the Stack Effect.  This occurs as the warmest air in the house rises naturally by convection and escapes through upper level leaks. The escaping air creates a low pressure area at the bottom of the structure, causing unconditioned outside air to be sucked in from your crawl space or basement.

Crawl space insulation and air sealing will slow down the effect, keeping the air you pay to cool and heat where it belongs: inside your home. Your HVAC system works less, lowering your energy bills an average of about 18%. Even greater savings are possible if you have ductwork running through the crawl space.

2 – Preventing mold and structural decay

Crawl space encapsulation allows for effective moisture control and dehumidification in the crawl space. A low moisture level not only inhibits mold growth and prevents dry rot – it also makes your crawl space less inviting to termites and carpenter ants, which are attracted by soft, moist wood.

As an added benefit, a sealed, insulated crawl space will also keep wild animals from seeking shelter under your home.

3 – Improving indoor air quality 

The air that leaks from the crawl space into your living area, is bringing with it all the pollutants commonly found in an unimproved crawl space. There are dust mite pellets, mold spores and a myriad of foul smells that can range from the typical musty odor, to animal waste and decomposing carcasses. Your family is breathing that air. You might not even realize it, but it is certainly taking its toll your their health. 

Encapsulation is to date, the most effective technology to control moisture in the crawl space, being recommended by the most reputable building scientists, and by the U.S. Department of Energy, in its Building America Best Practices series. 

If you live in  in Greater Olympia, Port Angeles, and Bainbridge Island, WA, CleanSpace Northwest is your local crawl space environment experts, providing crawl space encapsulation and insulationsolutions, from the company that pioneered this technology in the U.S. 

You don’t have to endure the discomfort and pay for the high energy bills because of your vented crawl space. Let the crawl space encapsulation experts at CleanSpace Northwest show you how to protect your property, your health, and save money on heating and cooling.  


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