Insulating Your Crawl Space: Dos and Don’ts

If you have a home sitting on a dirt, vented crawl space, you probably felt some of the effects. Cold drafts coming up through the floor in winter time, musty smells year round, humidity and mold appearing around the house, even some chronic allergies. 
Yet one of the biggest effects of a vented crawl space is felt where you least expect: your wallet. 
A vented, dirt crawl space is a huge energy waster. Energy losses are so significant that, according to many building scientists,  you might as well forget about any other attempts to make your home more energy efficient until you fix your crawl space. 
This is why crawl space insulation is so important. But beware! If you do it the wrong way, or use the wrong materials, you are setting yourself up for some serious problems. 
There is a lot of misinformation concerning the proper way to treat crawl spaces, so please, do your homework. Start by looking at this Crawl Space Insulation Dos and Don’ts  article.

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