Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 101



A crawl space vapor barrier is an effective system that resists the diffusion of moisture through crawl space walls, floors, and ceilings. A certified crawl space vapor barrier contractor can take the following five actions to prevent moisture buildup, flooding, and mold growth in your crawl space. Doing so will create a healthier environment and potentially save you thousands of dollars in water damage or flood repairs!

•    Seal the Space from the Outdoors: The first step in creating a crawl space vapor barrier system is to thoroughly seal your crawl space vents and doors from outdoor air. A crawl space that is unsealed from the outdoors has zero protection from Mother Nature, including humidity, cold winter temperatures, and flooding. That’s why the first step in crawl space vapor barrier installation is sealing the space.

•    Fix Sources of Moisture Buildup: The next step in installing a crawl space vapor barrier system is to remove or repair sources of moisture buildup. A certified crawl space vapor barrier contractor can do this by installing a crawl space drainage and sump pump system. Combined, these moisture removal systems will expel excess water from the inside of your crawl space to the outdoors, away from your home. This is a great way to protect your home from flooding and mold growth.

•    Support the Structure: Many homeowners neglect their crawl space, either because they’re afraid of what they’ll find or because they don’t have the money available to complete the necessary repairs. However, this hesitation only worsens a damaged, wet, or rotting crawl space—costing you more money in the long run. It could even cause permanent structural damage to your home. If your crawl space is sagging or rotting due to moisture and mold, a certified crawl space vapor barrier contractor can install crawl space support jacks to restore the structure. You’ll notice an immediate difference both in your crawl space and in the stability of the floors upstairs!

•    Encapsulate the Crawl Space: One of the best ways to prevent moisture from entering your crawl space through floors and walls is to encapsulate the area with a crawl space liner. This will not only act as a crawl space vapor barrier, it will also make the space usable for storage! If your crawl space isn’t insulated, speak with a vapor barrier contractor about crawl space insulation as well. Installing crawl space insulation will help keep your home cozier during the winter and also reduce your heating bills!

•    Install a Self-Draining Dehumidifier: Installing an eco-friendly, self-draining crawl space dehumidifier is a great way to keep the area dry and insect-free. Depending on your climate, a crawl space dehumidifier is not only recommended, but necessary, to prevent mold and mildew growth.

The benefits of crawl space vapor barrier systems are far-reaching. It helps reduce the effects of mold, moisture, and more.

Mold growth can lead to such health issues as asthma, allergies, skin and eye irritation, headaches, and fatigue. And moisture buildup in the crawl space can lead to serious (and costly) structural damage. To repair your crawl space and make it a safer and healthier space, contact an experienced, certified crawl space vapor barrier contractor today!

Contact the Foothills CleanSpace® Crawl Space Specialists® today for a free estimate to install a crawl space vapor barrier in South Carolina.


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