Why Every Homeowner Needs a Sump Pump

Many homeowners might ask why they need a sump pump saying that their basement has never flooded, their home’s foundation is rock solid, it’s a waste of money. Truth is if a homeowner has a basement, that basement needs a sump pumpbefore the need for one comes flooding in.

Sump pumps save homeowners thousands of dollars by protecting the basement itself and subsequently the house, the furnace, perhaps laundry facilities and stored items. Anyone who owns a structure that has a subterranean level, either a basement or crawl space, needs a sump pump. In addition to relieving flooding conditions, sump pumps also help keep basement humidity low which in turn lowers the possibility of mold and mildew build-up. A wet basement is a breeding ground for additional problems such as strange odors, peeling paint, rust, and cracked floors and walls.

Sump pump installation today often includes a battery back-up system for those homeowners who have electric sump pumps. Your basement waterproofing contractor will explain the reasons for this back-up system, most importantly a loss of power possibly with disastrous results. Even in a flooded basement, the back-up system continues to function with the ability to pump water out of the house for several hours without an electric power supply.

Professional installation of a sump pump protects the homeowner’s investment and the value of the home. It assures the work is completed accurately and with the best interests of the homeowner taken into consideration. Hiring a basement waterproofing company to install the sump pump is critical to the outcome of the job.

Take note of these points when deciding on a basement waterproofing contractor:

  • Experience and skill. Check the number of years the contractor has been in business and the reputation gained in the area. This involves asking about certification, licenses and association memberships. What is the training procedure for employees? Are they bonded and insured? Homeowners want to feel comfortable about the workers in their home.
  • Quality Products. Sump pumps are available in many types, sizes and prices. Determining the best product to do the best the job in your home requires professional input. Because of their specialty, basement waterproofing contractors have the knowledge to choose the correct and highest quality product for the job.
  • Written estimates and warrantees. Verbal agreements should be avoided. A basement waterproofing company will provide a written estimate that includes the cost of materials and labor, a detailed description of the work to be done, and the timeframe to complete the job.
  • References. Ask for references of jobs in process or recently completed. Checking references is one of the best ways to learn about your prospective contractor. Take the time to call them and the Better Business Bureau as well to check for any unresolved complaints.
  • Compare. Standard practice involves getting estimates from three different contractors to compare costs, material quality, and financing if necessary. Beware of companies that require a large upfront payment; the initial deposit should be minimal.

Don’t ignore the necessity of having a sump pump installed in your basement. Be prepared for water problems, protect your home, and gain peace of mind.

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Lower the Risks, Raise the Gains: Insulate and Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Studies have shown that repaired crawl spaces have important benefits for homeowners. Advantages are often overlooked simply because crawl spaces are often overlooked as a crucial part of a house.

By remedying a wet basement and restoring a crawl space with proper insulation and encapsulation you will see significant changes in your home.

Here are just a few advantages to encapsulating your crawl space:

By remedying a wet basement and restoring a crawl space with proper insulation and encapsulation you will see significant changes in your home.

Here are just a few advantages to encapsulating your crawl space:

  1. Increased overall comfort. You’ll gain extra square footage for storage, assured that items will stay dry and rust-free, clearing up living spaces and making them more usable for daily activities. You’ll also notice that floors in the winter won’t feel as cold and the house won’t seem as muggy in the summer. Add this up and your family’s lifestyle sees improvement without the need for major additions and remodeling.
  2. Lower energy bills. A repaired, well-insulated crawl space increases energy efficiency while the opposite, an uninsulated and dirt floor crawl space, creates moisture and damp air throughout the house. That makes the air more difficult to heat and cool, forcing your HVAC systems to work harder and longer, waste energy and, as a result, waste your dollars.
  3. Reduced health risks. Damp, dark musty crawl spaces are ideal environments for the growth of mold and mildew. The resulting mold spores feed on dirt, dry leaves, dust and other materials; since the natural air flow in a house is bottom to top, the air with mold spores combines with air in the upper parts of the house and is taken in by family members. Poor air quality can lead to various unhealthy symptoms including allergies, nasal and sinus conditions, respiratory issues, and skin and eye irritations. Contamination concerns from pests, termites, and rodents which inhabit dark, damp environments are another health risk.
  4.  A safer home. The foundation your house stands on is comprised of the walls that enclose the crawl space. If those walls are exposed to prolonged wet, damp conditions, the foundation walls may become compromised and structural damage occurs. This of course creates an unsafe house and could also incur failed home inspections. Moisture also causes hardwood floors to buckle, creating another safety hazard in the living areas.
  5.  Higher home value. A dry, clean safe crawl space signals value and secure investment in the future. It’s an example of homeowners caring about their house, all of its spaces, not just the furnished and decorated living areas. That’s a positive sign to prospective home buyers that they are looking at a well-cared for house, and becomes a strong selling feature. And because moisture problems have already been resolved, future expenses for buyers have been avoided.

In the final analysis, crawl spaces are simply another essential part of the home that require the same attention given to other areas, both interior and exterior. The impact and benefits of a dry, insulated and repaired crawl space will be felt for years to come by every homeowner. When your crawl space is working to its full potential, your home will finally be working together as one system.

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Why Is Basement Waterproofing Important?

Most likely, your home is your biggest investment. To protect that investment, it’s important to maintain all areas of the home, including the basement. Whether your basement is a fully-renovated home office or TV room — or if it’s simply a place for storage and half-empty boxes — keeping a Kingston basement dry is vital for the health of both your home and your family.

Why is Basement Waterproofing Important?

There are many reasons why basement waterproofing is important. For starters, a damp basement is often home to mold and mildew. These fungi can lead to numerous health issues for both humans and pets, including breathing problems, allergies, eye and skin irritation, headaches, and fatigue.

A wet basement can also lead to troublesome and expensive structural issues, such as rotting wood. What’s more, many pests and rodents thrive in humid, damp environments. Employing effective basement waterproofing techniques will help keep your basement dry, healthy, and safe. It will also help to eliminate that unpleasant musty smell that permeates your basement and all the things kept there (e.g. furniture, clothes).

Certified Basement Waterproofing Companies in Kingston

The number one secret to effective basement waterproofing in Kingston is finding an experienced, reputable basement waterproofing company offering top-notch products and service. Patented, time-tested basement waterproofing products are key to keeping any Kingston basement dry and healthy year-round. So don’t settle for just any basement waterproofing contractor offering the cheapest rates. Instead, look for professional, certified basement waterproofing companies in Kingston. In the end, you’ll be very glad you did!

Popular Basement Waterproofing Products in Kingston

From flooring, walls, windows, gutters, dehumidifiers, washing machines, and water heaters, there are numerous basement waterproofing products available for Kingston homeowners. Let’s take a quick look at two popular basement waterproofing products.

1. Basement Dehumidifier: Perhaps the easiest and most affordable basement waterproofing product, an energy-efficient dehumidifier helps remove moisture from the air. Reducing moisture and humidity from the air not only stifles mold and mildew growth, it also helps reduce that “musty basement” smell.

   When shopping for a basement dehumidifier, be sure to purchase one that’s both energy-efficient and self-draining. Energy-efficiency is important for obvious reasons — you can run the dehumidifier 24/7 without worrying about it drastically increasing your monthly energy bill. A self-draining basement dehumidifier comes highly recommended because it requires no effort on the part of the homeowner. The dehumidifier can remove more than 100 pints of water every day, and expel it automatically, without the homeowner having to empty a collection tray several times a week.

2. Perimeter Drainage / Sump Pump System: When it comes to protecting your home from leaks and flooding, you’ll need more than a basement dehumidifier. That’s why many Kingston homeowners turn to perimeter drainage and sump pump systems. Interior basement perimeter drainage systems collect excess water and direct it towards a sump pump, which then expels the water outside and away from the home. Interior perimeter drainage systems can be installed in one to two days and cost half the price of exterior drainage systems.

When shopping for a sump pump, be sure to ask your Kingston basement waterproofing contractor about installing a battery backup pump. That way, you’ll be 100% protected from water damage and flooding even if you lose power during a severe storm.

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Choosing Your Foundation Repair Method

Does your Belleville, ON home show signs of sagging floors, bowing or buckling walls, and foundation cracks? Do such foundation problems make you question the safety, stability, and/or overall resale value of your home?

Foundation problems can be a serious source of stress and financial worry for Belleville homeowners. Fortunately, however, there are affordable, certified foundation repair contractors that can permanently solve foundation problems without breaking one’s budget. Continue reading to learn the four common steps involved in Belleville foundation repair.

Step 1: Find a Certified Foundation Repair Contractor in Belleville

Though it may sound like a daunting task, finding a certified foundation repair contractor in Belleville doesn’t have to be. You can begin the search online and compare contractors’ rates, services, and customer reviews that way, or you can ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers for recommendations. In the end, you’ll want to hire a Belleville foundation repair company with extensive knowledge and experience in foundation repair, along with affordable rates and trustworthy contractors.

Step 2: Inspect for Foundation Problems

Once you’ve found the best foundation repair contractor in Belleville, it’s time to get to work! The first step is to conduct an extensive home inspection, pinpointing areas of your home needing foundation repair. Fixing these trouble spots will return your home to its original position and increase your home’s overall value.

Step 3: Discuss Effective & Affordable Solutions

Once the inspection is complete, the Belleville foundation repair contractor will sit down with the homeowner and discuss any problems they found. Together, you can come up with an effective solution that fits within your budget. Popular foundation repairs include:

  • Wall Anchor Systems: If your foundation walls appear to bow or buckle inward, it means they’re unable to handle the weight or pressure being applied to them. This may be caused by a variety of reasons, including hydrostatic pressure, the type of soil around the foundation, temperature conditions, and how deep the foundation reaches. Buckling walls will eventually crack and leak water. If ignored, they may even collapse. Belleville foundation repair contractors can install wall anchor systems that will not only stop inward wall movement, but even restore the walls back to their original (straight) position.
  • Foundation Piers: Foundations settle naturally over time, but settlement problems can occur when the soil under a foundation cannot support the home’s cumulative weight. Foundation settlement problems can result in cracked walls and drywall, titled chimneys, uneven doors and windows, and much more. To repair foundation settlement problems, Belleville foundation repair contractors can install stabilizing foundation piers. These sturdy steel piers can resist both long-term pressure and corrosion, and lift the foundation back to a stable and worry-free position.
  • Crawl Space Supports: Although a crawl space is not a “lived-in” and usable part of your home, it still needs to be protected and maintained. One common foundation problem in Belleville is when the floors above a crawl space begin to sag or sink. This is often due to a lack of crawl space supportive structures, moisture damage/rot, or sinking supports. To solve this problem, Belleville foundation repair contractors can install crawl space supports. These work to quickly and effectively restore the structure. If the sinking floors were a result of rot or mold, the contractor can also encapsulate and dehumidify the space.

Step 4: Receive a Free, No Obligation Estimate

The final step in Belleville foundation repair involves receiving a free, no obligation estimate from your chosen contractor. If the price is right, you can then implement the suggested foundation repairs and give your home a much needed “pick-me-up!” (No pun intended.) Don’t wait until it’s too late — research Belleville foundation repair contractors today!

McInroy Basement Systems specializes in foundation repair in Belleville and other surrounding areas. Visit them online for foundation repair estimate.