Why Every Homeowner Needs a Sump Pump

Many homeowners might ask why they need a sump pump saying that their basement has never flooded, their home’s foundation is rock solid, it’s a waste of money. Truth is if a homeowner has a basement, that basement needs a sump pumpbefore the need for one comes flooding in.

Sump pumps save homeowners thousands of dollars by protecting the basement itself and subsequently the house, the furnace, perhaps laundry facilities and stored items. Anyone who owns a structure that has a subterranean level, either a basement or crawl space, needs a sump pump. In addition to relieving flooding conditions, sump pumps also help keep basement humidity low which in turn lowers the possibility of mold and mildew build-up. A wet basement is a breeding ground for additional problems such as strange odors, peeling paint, rust, and cracked floors and walls.

Sump pump installation today often includes a battery back-up system for those homeowners who have electric sump pumps. Your basement waterproofing contractor will explain the reasons for this back-up system, most importantly a loss of power possibly with disastrous results. Even in a flooded basement, the back-up system continues to function with the ability to pump water out of the house for several hours without an electric power supply.

Professional installation of a sump pump protects the homeowner’s investment and the value of the home. It assures the work is completed accurately and with the best interests of the homeowner taken into consideration. Hiring a basement waterproofing company to install the sump pump is critical to the outcome of the job.

Take note of these points when deciding on a basement waterproofing contractor:

  • Experience and skill. Check the number of years the contractor has been in business and the reputation gained in the area. This involves asking about certification, licenses and association memberships. What is the training procedure for employees? Are they bonded and insured? Homeowners want to feel comfortable about the workers in their home.
  • Quality Products. Sump pumps are available in many types, sizes and prices. Determining the best product to do the best the job in your home requires professional input. Because of their specialty, basement waterproofing contractors have the knowledge to choose the correct and highest quality product for the job.
  • Written estimates and warrantees. Verbal agreements should be avoided. A basement waterproofing company will provide a written estimate that includes the cost of materials and labor, a detailed description of the work to be done, and the timeframe to complete the job.
  • References. Ask for references of jobs in process or recently completed. Checking references is one of the best ways to learn about your prospective contractor. Take the time to call them and the Better Business Bureau as well to check for any unresolved complaints.
  • Compare. Standard practice involves getting estimates from three different contractors to compare costs, material quality, and financing if necessary. Beware of companies that require a large upfront payment; the initial deposit should be minimal.

Don’t ignore the necessity of having a sump pump installed in your basement. Be prepared for water problems, protect your home, and gain peace of mind.

SST Basement Systems specializes in sump pump installation in Ontario. Visit them online for a free sump pump installation estimate in Sault Ste. Marie, Kenora, and Thunder Bay, and other surrounding areas.


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